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Cuddy Solicitors

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Do you provide services in other areas?

We aim to provide a full suite of legal services to our clients. If we are unable to assist you we can recommend a colleague who may specialise in the area of law you may require.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept all methods of payment except card payments.

How long will it take?

Each transaction or case comes with its own unique issues. We aim to work as efficiently as possible. While we cannot give you a precise timeframe from the outset we will advise you of our projected time frame as we move through the transaction or case.

Do you provide over the phone services?

We aim to provide a personal service and as such we prefer to meet our clients to discuss your instructions. However, if necessary we can take instructions over the phone provided our office safeguards are met.

When do you tell me about your fees?

The Law provides that as soon as is practicable, we must provide you with a price for the work to be undertaken. While this is often not possible we must provide an estimate. Where the work is of a nature that it is impossible to provide an estimate of fees we must provide you with our hourly rate. For Litigation the hourly rate for John Cuddy is €200 per hour.

Do I get an invoice?

On completion of a transaction or case you will be provided with an invoice outlining a breakdown of the professional fees and outlays involved. In Conveyancing, in general your invoice will not differ too much from the initial invoice. However, in Litigation, as an office practice we send our file to a specialist cost accountant to assess the value of the work. This provides a fair and independent assessment of fees which can be taxed by the Courts if needs be.

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